Warren Olney 3.0

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  1. Is Warren leaving KCRW?

No. Warren is going to start a podcast under the same name. We encourage everyone who loves Warren to get the podcast at kcrw.com/tothepoint. KCRW continues to rely on Warren to ask the important questions about the issues you care about.

  1. Will I hear Warren on the radio?

Yes. He will be doing a weekly segment on Press Play as part of this transition. Warren remains an integral journalistic voice for KCRW.

  1. What replaces To The Point?

First, To The Point isn’t going away. It’s transitioning to a weekly podcast. Secondly, we will air 6 weeks of special programming called One Year Later about how America’s political conversation has changed since Nov. 8, 2016. It’s an exciting opportunity to hear from voices like Jamil Smith and Jennifer Rubin as they explore how we come together to face our socioeconomic divide.

  1. What happens after that?

KCRW is exploring a few national shows that have stellar track records in discussing timely, relevant national and international issues. Here and Now, The Takeaway, and other programs are being considered. We will let everyone know shortly after Nov. 15.

  1. How can I reach Warren directly with comments and story ideas?

Please send emails to tothepoint@kcrw.com

  1. Where else can I find my news on KCRW?

Warren Olney’s new podcast will be an indispensable source. That said, we have Press Play, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, The World, and Left, Right and Center to fill in the void. We have also invested heavily in enterprise coverage like There Goes The Neighborhood, Below The Ten, and Off The Block, Curious Coast, and local news reports so we not only stay on top of the day’s news but go deeper into the issues shaping L.A. and Southern California as a whole.

  1. Who can I talk to further about this?

KCRW’s Program Director Gary Scott at gary.scott@kcrw.org would love to hear from you!