What Does Anne Litt Have in Common with Traffic Light?

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The answer is Nelson Franklin!  Who is that you might ask?  Well, we wondered the same when Anne sent us a little doting note about a new show on FOX TV called Traffic Light.  It’s on at 9:30pm Tuesday nights after Glee and Raising Hope.  It turns out that “One of the stars of the show is none other than the best stepson on the planet.  His name is Nelson Franklin,” gushed Anne.

Funny Stepson

Well, I actually watched the show last night and I liked it!  As a person without cable, I am glad for the return of scripted shows (reality=ugh), especially funny ones.   Check out a promo for the show here, but better yet, check out this hilarious Funny Or Die video Nelson did!  All I can say is I know plenty of guys who really wish this service existed – a lot of them are here at KCRW!

We know you didn’t birth him, but good job Anne Litt (or as she calls herself “stepmom of Nelson”).

— Connie