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Volunteering and Internships

*All volunteering and internships have been temporarily placed on hold due to COVID-19. If you would like to stay updated on when we will be able to resume our volunteer and internship program, please fill out the application for the specific position and we will add you to our email list.

KCRW is passionate about creating an inclusive community of volunteers and interns, who can come to KCRW and gain skills and experiences, while learning about public media. Volunteers and interns assist KCRW in the office, studio, and at live events. If you have a little extra time and a love for KCRW, sign up to join our team of KCRW volunteers and interns!

Weekly Volunteer

Accomplish community service in a forward thinking environment and become a weekly KCRW volunteer! Jump into a wide variety of jobs, from helping in the studio to marketing at our live events.

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SMC Internship

Did you know there’s a major radio station on campus? KCRW offers a semester-long unpaid internship to gain valuable real world experience and learn about the innerworkings of KCRW.

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News Internship

The KCRW news intern will work with our news team to pursue local stories in an interesting, engaging way through all mediums. There are positions on both of KCRW’s news programs: the Morning Edition interns assist the morning news team starting at 5 am; the All Things Considered interns help with the afternoon news team starting at 1pm.

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Santa Barbara News Intern

For Santa Barbara/Ventura locals only, assist our Santa Barbara news team with pitching stories, research, editing and production assistance. Learn to form a well focused story and practice writing for broadcast news as KCRW’s Santa Barbara News intern. It is a great part-time opportunity for students who are pursuing a major, minor or graduate degree in journalism and want hands-on experience in daily journalism, broadcast news, audio storytelling and some of the technical aspects of radio production. The ideal candidates must be strong writers, quick learners and good collaborators.

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Santa Barbara Marketing and Street Team Intern

For Santa Barbara/Ventura locals only, get real world marketing experience on the ground as our Santa Barbara Marketing and Street Team intern. Engage with our Santa Barbara community and utilize your expertise with marketing and social media.

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Volunteer of the Month

Jeremy Bacharach - March 2020

Paul Chu - December 2019

Niko van Eimeren - September 2019

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