A goat farm where everyone has a name

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Imagine having 500 goats. Now imagine knowing each of their names. Dan Drake, a veterinarian and fifth generation goat farmer has stepped up to the challenge.

“He knows his goats,” said Deborah Neal, who works for Drake Family Farms, a goat farm in San Bernardino County. Although it’s a fairly new farm, Drake’s family has been in the goat business since the 1800s. The original farm still operates in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Katie Hershfelt spoke with Neal about the farm’s legacy.

Julienne chef Julian Martinez stopped by the market to grab a ten-pound package of Drake’s chèvre. He wanted to get the cheese to add to a Raviolo dish; one big ravioli filled with goat cheese and topped with a duck egg yolk, cloves and allspice.

“I like the tang of the goat cheese,” said Martinez. “It brightens the whole dish, rather than cow’s milk, which is heavier.”