California Propositions: Prop 37 – Labeling genetically engineered food

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How hot an issue are genetically-modified foods and the debate over Prop 37? We went to a local supermarket and talked with some shoppers to find out:

“It just seems like it’s a no-brainer,” said one shopper. “We need to know what’s in our food and make decisions based on the evidence that we just don’t know enough about GMO’s to expose ourselves and our children to them.”

“If it does pass, it’s going to create a flood of lawsuits against the grocers,” said another shopper. “Against food companies, people who grow food, and it’s just going to make lawyers wealthy.”

That pretty much sums up the debate.

Part of the issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a clear agreement on whether genetically-engineered foods pose a danger to our health. Both sides point to all kinds of reports and experts to back themselves up. But much of the research has been done by people with a vested interest, either for or against GMO’s. And the American Medical Association has called for more testing.