Dance performance coming to a train station near you

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If you ride the Red Line train in Los Angeles, you might be treated to performance art on your morning commute tomorrow.

Director and choreographer Stephan Koplowitz is behind “Red Line Time,” the first performance event sanctioned by LA Metro to take place inside the metro system. Koplowitz is also dean of the dance program at CalArts.

“Our aim is to perform at all 14 stations within the time schedule of the trains,” said Koplowitz. “Meaning, we would perform at one station, get on the next train, perform at the next station, get on the very next train. So I’m fitting the performance within the time frame of the train schedule.”

The actors and dancers will perform above ground and at several mezzanine levels and follow the schedule of the trains. It spans all 14 stations of the Red Line, beginning at Union Station and continuing on to North Hollywood.

IMG_2085The performance was commissioned by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles as part of an upcoming conference on urbanism and modernism, called Re: Street – The new science of streets and the form of the Future City.

Performances begin at Union Station East Portal, next the Metro Customer Center on the following dates and times:

Friday, April 5, 9am

Friday, April 5, 6pm

Saturday, April 6, 4pm