Dine amid the rubble, and ‘dig the dig’ at Bergamot Station

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Bettina Hubby is beautifying the construction site

Got dinner plans this Sunday?  I just solved that problem for you. Make a dish, or, if you’re feeling lazy, grab something pre-made, and head on over to a potluck supper at the Santa Monica Museum of Art at Bergamot Station at 6pm.

Full of construction dust, you say, from the onslaught of the Expo Line? Still mad about the demolition of Track 16? Get over it! Artist Bettina Hubby wants you to make peace with the temporary inconvenience of detoured traffic, etc., and see the art in it, and so, she’s inviting you to dinner. The construction workers who are making it all possible are the honored guests.

Hubby’s already made a name for herself in this part of the world for such positive thinking. We last told you about her when she turned a three-year-long clog on Rowena Avenue near her home in Silver Lake into a body of photographic work. (She’s also the mastermind behind the Eagle Rock Rock and Eagle Shop.)  She’s been bringing flowers to the workers at the site at Bergamot, and inserting them in prettified construction cones.

If you show up Sunday, you’ll even get to smell a special scent she helped to devise, with the assistance of the workmen. (And they are, in this case, all men.)

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