Family finds new facilty for teen declared brain dead

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A 13-year-old Bay Area girl who was declared dead after suffering cardiac arrest during a tonsillectomy has been moved from Children’s Hospital Oakland. But Jahi McMath’s family won’t say where she’s been taken because of concerns about her safety. The family’s lawyer says they’ve received hundreds of threatening emails from people angered by the fight to keep the teenager on life support. Children’s Hospital says continuing to treat Jahi is unethical, because she is brain dead. But the family says it has found a facility that will keep her on a ventilator while treating her brain injuries…Gov. Jerry Brown is eying a new source of funding for the state’s beleaguered high-speed rail project: cap and trade money. Brown’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year is due out on Friday. It’s expected to include a proposal to direct several hundred million dollars from the cap-and-trade program for bullet train construction. That could be problematic. For one thing, any carbon reductions achieved by the rail system would not be realized for years. And Brown and Legislative Democrats already angered environmentalists when they borrowed $500 million dollars from the cap and trade program for the state’s general fund last year…sardineThe Sardine population along the West Coast has crashed – and scientists are at a loss to explain why. A recent assessment found that the sardine population dropped by more than 70 percent since the last peak in 2006. The decline is the largest in generation and is affecting brown pelicans, sea lions and other creatures that feed on the small, silvery fish. Scientists are concerned that if the sardine population doesn’t bounce back soon, the loss of a primary food source could have long-lasting effects on birds, marine mammals, and by extension, fisherman…The National Society of Film Critics has given its top award for 2013 to “Inside Llewyn Davis,” the Cohen Brothers comedy about a struggling folk singer. “Llewyn Davis” also won for best actor, Oscar Isaac, and best director, which was given jointly to Joel and Ethan Cohen. Cate Blanchett – who starred as a troubled widow in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” – was the critics’ choice for best actress…auburnIf you feel like you’ve been seeing an inordinate amount of burnt orange and garnet around town, you’re not imagining things. Hordes of Auburn and Florida State fans have descended on Southern California for tonight’s college football championship and they are not squandering the opportunity to show off their team colors. Tonight’s game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena marks the end of the Bowl Championship Series in college football. The much-maligned system for determining a champion will be replaced next year by a four-team playoff. floridastate