Film reviews with LA Weekly’s Amy Nicholson

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A still from “Tammy,” starring Melissa McCarthy, left, and Susan Sarandon.

There are plenty of movies that’ve taken place on the road. It’s a familiar set for Hollywood. Think “Rain Man,” “Due Date,” and of course, “Thelma and Louise.”

There’s a new one now open in theaters in LA. “Tammy” stars comedienne Melissa McCarthy in a road trip movie with McCarthy and her cursing, hard-drinking grandmother played by Susan Sarandon.

LA Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson fills in for Joe Morgenstern, and talked to KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis.

She also reviews “Life Itself,” a documentary about the late movie critic Roger Ebert, and “Deliver Us From Evil,” a horror movie involving a New York police officer who joins forces with a priest to take on demons.