Happy birthday, Los Angeles! Here are your favorite LA songs

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An aerial view of Los Angeles, by KLA4067 via Flickr/CC

View of Los Angeles' downtown skyline. Photo by jondoeforty1 via Flickr/CC.
View of Los Angeles’ downtown skyline. Photo by jondoeforty1 via Flickr/CC.

Feeling old because you’re stuck on the 101? Or the Southbound 405? Take heart in the fact that you’re not as old as Los Angeles.

The legend goes, on this day in 1781, 44 settlers came to what is today Olvera Plaza and staked their claim on the land. A lot has happened in the past 232 years, including music!

So today, we have a tribute to LA with the people at Olvera Plaza earlier this afternoon talking about the songs that they connect with this historic city.

Special thanks to KCRW intern Mallory Smith for collecting these responses.

Here are some of your favorite songs inspired by Los Angeles. Got any favorites to add? Leave a comment below.

2Pac – California Love

The Doors – L.A. Woman

Frank Black – Los Angeles

X – Los Angeles

Randy Newman – I Love L.A.