Here Be Monsters: 3 most unnerving episodes

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Do Crows Mourn Their Dead 

This eerie episode of Here Be Monsters explores the strange behaviors of crows and how they might be able to teach humanity about the origins of funerals and emotions.

We Pay Them In Meat

We humans love eating candy for halloween. This episode features an alternate delicacy for bugs: flesh. Preparing an animal’s skeleton for display is incredibly labor intensive for human hands, so curators have turned to a family of beetles with millennia of experience.

Call 601-2-SATAN-2 

Since 2012 the Satanic Missionary Society in Olympia, Washington manages a Satanic prayer line on their blog and receive prayer requests from people all over the country. Find out why callers are asking Satan for help with things like romantic affairs with a mother-in-law, successful rap careers, and much more!

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