KCRW needs your help. Our Mission Critical Fundraiser helps support the station you love

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Dear Listener,

It’s a hard time to ask people for money. We get it. But KCRW is not immune to the financial situation taking place all over.

Today we’re launching our Mission Critical Fundraiser — because your support for KCRW right now is mission critical to our operation.

And if you’ve tuned in today, you’ve probably noticed that this fundraiser sounds different to reflect that.

But there’s also another reason it sounds different.

On April 12, KCRW lost a giant — our dear friend, Matt Holzman. Matt was best known for being the leader of the KCRW Fund Drive. He was the guy you’d hear every day speaking genuinely about the magic that is KCRW. It will be hard to hear a KCRW Fund Drive without him.

Please give today if you can afford to. Do it for those who can’t. Do it for Matt.

Your donation makes a difference and Matt himself put it best: “You are enabling the success of KCRW and providing this treasured service to the people in our community who right now cannot afford it. But you can. What an amazing way to support your community who like you depend on KCRW but right now might be down on their luck and cannot support. What an amazing way to be a truly thoughtful neighbor. This is your moment and I promise you it will feel good.”

If you can, give, give an additional gift, or become a monthly member today, so we can build tomorrow together.

Be well, and thank you,

Jennifer Ferro
KCRW President