KCRW needs you. Count yourself in during our Power in Numbers Drive

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Hi there,

This is an unprecedented time in history.

As 2020 has taught us time and time again, nothing is guaranteed . Even the building blocks of civic life are vulnerable: public schools, public transit, public parks, public libraries, and public radio .

KCRW is not a luxury, or a product, or even a brand. It’s a public resource – for all of us. Here when the power’s out and the internet’s down. Here when you need it. Not only for you, but for everyone. 

Despite our challenges, we remain committed to connecting you to the world outside your door. 

That means many things, but increasingly that will mean covering the 2020 elections and this contentious political moment. We may not know the final results of local and national elections for days or even weeks. The political landscape will shift constantly, and we want to make sure you’re informed.

KCRW is unwavering in its commitment to be a source you can trust because a community’s power lies in what it shares — information, resources, and relief.

I am asking you to become a member TODAY during our Power in Numbers Drive to keep this public resource viable for everyone.

Your choices shape your world. When you choose to support KCRW, you help to inform the public and inspire your community. Together, we are a force.

Thank you for standing with KCRW.


Jennifer Ferro
KCRW President & Proud KCRW Monthly Member 

P.S. Everyone who gives during the Power in Numbers Drive will be automatically entered into our Catalina Island Sweepstakes.* You could win a trip for four to Catalina including amenities. 

*No contribution necessary to enter. Rules can be found at KCRW.com/give