KCRW’s top 10 Radio Race finalists!

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What do Russian spies, underground tunnels and the Devil’s Triangle all have in common? They make for great radio. And they’re all part of KCRW’s 5th Annual 24-Hour Radio Race!

More than 400 people from seven countries participated to make over 130 short radio stories in a single day.

The theme this time around was “Down For Whatever.” Each of the producers interpreted that in a different way to tell compelling stories about finding love, overcoming fear and, well, eating weird stuff. Once again, the creativity and heart everyone poured into their work was awe-inspiring.

The audio pieces were judged on the following criteria: creativity, storytelling, technical skill and incorporation of the theme.

Below you’ll find the ten pieces (in no particular order) that will move on to our panel of expert judges:Ave Carrillo (New Yorker Radio Hour), Eleanor McDowall (Falling Tree Productions), Jesse Thorn (Bullseye), Kelly McEvers (All Things Considered) and Nadia Reiman (Latino USA).

Stay tuned. The top three winners—including the recipients of the Social Butterfly, KCRW’s UnFictional and Werk It awards—will be announced at kcrw.org and on Press Play With Madeleine Brand September 12.

In the meantime, listen to the top ten. And share your favorites on social media using the hashtag #RadioRace.

Craving more? Listen to all of the submissions here.