Last bell for adult education in the LA Unified?

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Students in the LAUSD's adult education program come from more than 90 countries

second language classes to vocational training programs, but what unites many is they’ve gone back to school to try to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

But because of budget problems that are only getting worse, L.A.’s adult ed program faces

massive budget cuts, the layoff of hundreds of teachers,  and the closure of many campuses. I’ve spent the last few days talking to teachers, administrators, and most importantly students in adult education, with a particular focus on Evans Community Adult School in downtown Los Angeles. It’s often called the “Ellis Island of adult education”  because of all of the immigrant students who attend. Students there are worried threats to the program could endanger their American dreams.

Evans Principal Danette Roe runs a school where every teacher has received a pink slip

Nancy Allejo is taking both English as a second language and GED classes at an LAUSD adult school

Evans English teacher Juan Noguera used to be a student at the school