Lemons out of lemonade, art out of trees: Forces of Nature at the LA Arboretum

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It’s been a year since the storms that felled thousands of trees around our region. At the LA Arboretum alone, 235 trees were lost. Artist-in-residence Leigh Adams was inspired by the destruction. “I’m an optimist,” she said today at a preview of the show, Forces of Nature: Art from Fallen Trees. Dozens of artists were allowed to have at the wreckage–after getting the okay from the County Commissioners to mold the detritus into fine art. Even better, other organizations around the country are using what the Arboretum has done as a blueprint for how to handle (aka reuse, recycle) any destruction in their paths.

Bowls, earrings, sculptures, lamps are on display this weekend–and for sale, too. (What better green holiday gift than a giant fish carved out of rare hardwood?)

Meeting Leigh Adams was a reminder that good can come out of bad, and that there’s art in just about anything. Listen to my conversation with her, below:

Reception and auction tonight; exhibition and sale continues throughout the weekend. And there are more photos from the exhibition after the jump.