On behalf of all of us, thank you! You provided critical operating funds to KCRW and together we’ll send 130,000 meals to our food bank partners!

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Hi Listener!

I am always in awe of our public radio community. But your compassion and generosity displayed during our Mission Critical Fundraiser really blew me away. 

It’s our mission to keep you connected — to the world, your city, and to each other. Your support of that mission through this challenging time makes us stand a little taller. 

Not only did you show up in support of KCRW, but you also extended your generosity to our food bank partners. Together, we’ll send over 130,000 meals to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County. 

I also want to share with you a message from the family of Matt Holzman, the longtime KCRW producer and host who recently passed away . They were so incredibly moved by your response to the challenge grant in his honor at the beginning of our Mission Critical Fundraiser. Keep reading below for their heartfelt message.

We are honored to serve you. This is a beautiful thing you’ve built. So from all of us, thank you. And stay tuned to KCRW.

Thank you, 

Jennifer Ferro
KCRW President

Thank you so very much for your generous gifts to KCRW in commemoration of our brother, Matt Holzman. Matt would have been thankful and humbled by your generosity. 

You may know Matt as a KCRW producer, on-air personality, host of Matt’s Movies, or maybe you received that winning phone call from him. His 30-year career at KCRW is well-known. But to us, Matt’s sisters, he was just our little brother (well, not so little). As a youngster, Matt always made us laugh. He would do voice imitations and make up stories, which, it turns out, made him a great storyteller for KCRW. Matt was the life of every family event and consummate gift giver. As a brother, Matt was just as kind, witty, and incredibly bright, as you might expect. Matt’s child-like curiosity and love of life made him undeniably unique. He made it clear he loved his work at KCRW, and he loved his family and friends. We couldn’t have loved him more. 

Matt felt a true obligation to work hard and create the most innovative and valuable content for you as a cherished KCRW listener and supporter. Matt produced stories to expand our minds and empathize with those we didn’t yet know. He wanted us to feel a little bit changed after listening and go make Los Angeles and beyond better for it. Yes, we loved listening to our little brother on the radio, too!

Your donation to celebrate Matt means that KCRW can continue their important mission. But you also gave Matt’s sisters another reason to be proud of our little brother’s impact on the world.  Matt will be sorely missed, but he made a difference, and by honoring him, so did you.

With heartfelt thanks,

Sisters Stefanie Holzman, Jan Severance, Lisa Marciano, and partner Adria Kloke, Brothers-in-Law Larry Tendis and Sal Marciano, and Sister-in-Law, Bo Tendis