Obama supporters in Hollywood look for diplomatic appointments

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obamaNormally Hollywood’s favorite game is figuring out who will be nominated, and who will win, in the big awards ceremonies. But right now the biggest guessing game in Hollywood is figuring out who will be tapped by President Barack Obama for some plum diplomatic posts.

KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis handicapped the odds with Matthew Belloni, executive editor at The Hollywood Reporter.

A White House announcement on the ambassadorships is expected in June. But here are some of the names being floated, according to the Reporter:

Emmy-nominated soap opera producer Colleen Bell, said to be in line for Belgium or Hungary; longtime Democratic activist and executive John Emerson, whose name has come up as a possible ambassador to Germany; HBO executive James Costos, who according to sources is under consideration for Spain; media executive-turned-political activist Rufus Gifford, who is being eyed for Denmark; and political consultant Noah Mamet, who is in the running for Argentina. Tennis Channel chief Ken Solomon is in the mix as an appointee for later in Obama’s term; the president is expected to make some appointments for two-year terms rather than four to allow for more picks. (All candidates declined comment.)