Radio host Chery Glaser interviews the band Cherry Glazerr

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Members of the band Cherry Glazerr (from left, Clementine Creevy, Hannah Uribe and Sean Redman) with KCRW host Chery Glaser.

Listeners to KCRW are well acquainted with the name Chery Glaser. She’s the local host of Morning Edition, updating the news, music and traffic for Southern California listeners as they start their days and commute to work.

Her name also inspired a group of young musicians to name their band after her. Chery agreed to sit down with the band Cherry Glazerr for an interview.

The band, consisting of songwriter/guitarist Clementine Creevy, bassist Sean Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe, has a new album out, “Haxel Princess,” on Burger Records.

haxel princessBand members Clem and Hannah met at Wildwood, the private school they attend in Los Angeles. Clem and Sean met at a summer program at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. They’ve been playing together for a little over a year, but have already racked some impressive gigs, opening for Hunx and His Punx, Redd Kross and Mikal Cronin, and they’ll be performing at the South by Southwest Music Festival this year.

Balancing the academic demands of high school with the desire to play concerts and record new music has proved difficult, Creevy said.

“It’s sometimes hard because I’ll be sitting in math class, and I’m like ‘oh man, I have to respond to, like, eight different emails, we’ve got a couple of interviews, we’ve got all this stuff going on, we have to send out a bunch of merch.’ It’s kind of anxiety inducing.”

The songs sometimes take on a feminist tone, reflecting the challenges of being a young woman in an industry that regularly objectifies and over-sexualizes women. At the same time, the lyrics can be childish and playful, suggesting a youthful and fun-loving quality.

The band is working out its next steps, like performing at more festivals and recording another album, while also trying to find its place in the indie rock landscape.

“We’re all kind of in this big, dark ocean of the music industry, and trying to figure out what works, and learning from each others’ successes,” Redman said. “It’s  encouraging when our friends, who are amazing musicians, really like our songs, our simple little songs. That’s what makes us feel the best.”

You can catch Cherry Glazerr on Saturday, Feb. 8 at The Well in downtown LA with Dune Rats and Adult Books.