So Cal has close encounter with a meteor

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Did you see it? A meteor streaked over California, momentarily lighting up night skies from Fresno to the Mexican border. Skygazers were hoping to catch a glimpse as meteor shower known as the South Taurids made its annual flyby. But few were expecting to see the huge fireball and a flash in the southern sky that hit around 8:15. Sightings were reported as far away as Utah…For the first time ever, Palmdale voters elected an African American to the city council this week – former Antelope Valley College Dean Fred Thompson. But, ironically, the results might be invalidated. That’s because of a voting rights lawsuit filed by Hispanic activists who say Palmdale’s method of electing council members citywide, rather than by districts, dilutes the influence of minority voters and violates California’s Voting Rights Act…Former Bell Police Chief Randy Adams has taken the stand in the corruption trial of former assistant city manager Angels Spaccia. Adams says emails with Spaccia that included references to their high pay were meant as a joke. Adams defended his $457,000 salary, saying it was in line with other cities. L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck earns about $300,000 in a city with more than 100 times the population of Bell. Adams was fired in 2010.
405WILSHIREA little relief for West L.A. commuters. “Ramp Jam” comes to an end today with the reopening of the final ramp from Wilshire Boulevard to the 405. The new ramp is wider and three times longer than the original. It’s part of a much bigger, three-year project, widening 10 miles of the 405 between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside…And finally, a nut case is stumping authorities in the Central Valley. Someone’s been stealing walnuts. A lot of them. The latest theft – 140,000 pounds of nuts– is valued at $400,000. It occurred in the small town of Escalon.