Today’s News: 1 in 10 L.A. County adults here illegally

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Immigrant tally. A new study confirms that the national debate over immigration reform is as important in Los Angeles as anywhere in the country.

One in 10 adults in L.A. County either crossed the U.S. border illegally or overstayed their visa, according to a report by USC researchers. In some parts of Koreatown and South L.A. that number is 1 in 3.

The report by USC’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Education finds that more than half of the undocumented adults in L.A. County have been in the country for a decade or longer. About 12 percent are homeowners and many are the parents of U.S. citizens. More than 60 percent of undocumented immigrants in the county were born in Mexico, 22 percent are from Central American and eight percent were born in China, Korea or the Philippines.

The study also finds that California is home to one-quarter of the country’s estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. About 2.6 million people in California – or 7 percent of the state’s population – are thought to be in the country without legal authorization. L.A. Times

Rail yard. The L.A. City Council is due to vote today on a proposed $500 million rail facility near the ports. Supporters say the facility would remove thousands of trucks from the 710 Freeway, saving fuel and cutting noxious emissions. But the City of Long Beach and environmental groups say the rail yard would release dangerous levels of nitrous oxide and other pollutants into surrounding neighborhoods. Press-Telegram

Education debate. The L.A. mayoral candidates turned their attention to education in a debate at the Petersen Automotive Museum that was hosted by KCRW’s Warren Olney. Both Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti said they support the release of individual teacher evaluations – something that’s been bitterly opposed by the L.A. teacher’s union. Which Way, L.A.?

Recession proof. DWP employees averaged 15 percent pay increases over the past five years – a time when the budgets for many other city departments were being slashed and some employees were being laid off. L.A. Times

Dorner reward. Three parties will split a $1 million reward that was offered during the hunt for ex-Los Angeles Police Department Officer Christopher Dorner. A three judge panel determined the split after about a dozen parties submitted claims. The bulk of the money is going to a Big Bear couple who were tied up in their cabin. Press-Enterprise

Dead on arrival.
Disney has dropped an effort to trademark “Dia de los Muertos,” the name of the traditional “Day of the Dead” holiday celebrated by millions in Mexico and the U.S. The company had hoped to line up naming name rights for merchandise as it teams up with Pixar to create an animated movie inspired by the holiday. Orange County Register