Up against the wall: El Capitan climbers grip a dream

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caldwell2Have you been keeping tabs on those two climbers trying to make it to the top of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park?

Well, things are going pretty well for one of the men – but not so hot for the other.

Kevin Jorgeson, a 30-year-old from Santa Rosa, California, and Tommy Caldwell, a 36-year-old from Colorado, started their ascent nearly two weeks ago. They’re trying to become the first to make it up the Dawn Wall – considered to be the most difficult route on the 3,000-foot granite monolith – using only their hands and feet. El Capitan is the biggest slab of granite in the world.

They are attached to ropes to protect against a fall. They’ve also been sleeping in tents suspended by ropes.climbershands

Jorgeson has been stuck for four days on a section of the wall known as Pitch 15 – which is considered to be one the toughest challenges in a free climb that has been called the most difficult ever attempted. On his Facebook page. Jorgeson acknowledged that he’s struggling:

“The razor sharp holds ripped both the tape and the skin right off my fingers,” Jorgeson said. “I’m not giving up. I will rest. I will try again. I will succeed.”

According to his wife Becca’s blog, Caldwell managed to make it past Pitch 15 and is now moving ahead of his partner.

Check out the Facebook pages of Caldwell and Jorgeson for regular updates. National Geographic is also following the pair’s ascent.