We are dedicated to supporting the work of independent contributors. KCRW accepts multimedia and audio story pitches for a full spectrum of projects, from one-off features to longterm partnerships. We provide assistance with development and production to bring excellent storytelling to our KCRW audience on air and online.

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Native Angeleno Shaka Mali Tafari explores immigration and his connection to the African diaspora through LA’s Little Ethiopia.

Examining the complex histories, identities, and evolving narratives intersecting across a single block stretch of Fairfax Ave.

Shaka Mali Tafari recorded over 15 hours of interviews as he explored Little Ethiopia. He shares some of his favorite exchanges.

There’s no doubt that the 86-year-old institution that is Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people around the world recover from alcoholism, but now, more than ever before,…

How the ocean continues to bring peace and healing to two women. Their similarities and differences unfold as they explore surf culture, gender, race, and the impact of the sea.

Nice to Meet You Forever is the story of Shaka Mali Tafari and his best friend Gail, a 78-year-old Jewish woman who grew up attending theatre and opera on the Northside of Chicago.

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KCRW's Independent Producer Project and Misha Euceph , founder and CEO of Dustlight Productions, hosted a discussion about podcasting and intellectual property Saturday, October 10.

Hundreds of producers all over the world — from Russia to the United Kingdom and the United States — made an audio story overnight as a part of KCRW’s 8th Annual 24-Hour Radio Race …

“I’m expensive.” Freelance audio producers, say it to yourself repeatedly. Internalize this mantra.

When speaking in radio, you shouldn’t say “verdant lawn” when you mean “green grass.” Clarity is king.

David Foster Wallace wrote that the path out of a rut is “to work your way somehow back to your original motivation – fun.” At last month’s KCRW IPP workshop,…

Have you pitched KCRW? Do you want to? We’re about to tell you some of the best ways to go about it. We recently hosted our first pitch panel, where…

A few weeks ago five reporters from the Boyle Heights Beat in East L.A. participated in KCRWs annual Radio Race, where teams of audio producers have 24 hours to turn…

The podcast that I co-produce for KCRW, Here Be Monsters, often floats away from reality into some deeper, darker sonic spaces.



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