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Episode ATK inset Honoring COVID lives lost: Ana Dolores Vasquez, a hardworking mom who knew how to treat herself
As of March 1, more than 21,000 Los Angeles County residents have died from COVID-19. The disaster is both enormous, and for the friends and families of those who have passed, deeply personal.
Episode Accuracy of newly approved cancer drugs
Why is that results from drug research studies are so much rosier than the experience using those same drugs in the real world?
Episode Global loneliness and the wonders of human touch
In the wake of the pandemic, there is much to be done to restore human connectivity, but loneliness is hardly a new phenomena. Long periods of isolated living in an increasingly virtual world is taking a toll on our health.
Episode A deep dig into fertile soil
In "The Truffle Hunters," a new documentary by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, Italian men in their 60s, 70s and 80s do as they've done for decades--search the forests of the Alba region for precious white truffles.
Episode x-conference/x-cooltalk Rice: how we grow, cook, and eat it
Whether cooking basmati, jasmine or red, everyone has a way to make rice. Measure up to the first knuckle? Wash until the water runs clear? Stovetop or rice cooker with bells and whistles?
Episode Not now, but soon?
Josh Barro talks with Megan McArdle and Christine Emba about the decision to end mask mandates in certain states as vaccination continues, covid relief and stimulus payments, the minimum wage fight, and more.
Episode C header Channing Godfrey Peoples and Neil Creque Williams on ‘Miss Juneteenth’
Today, director Channing Godfrey Peoples and producer Neil Creque Williams finish each other’s sentences. More than a decade ago, they were just two graduate film students at USC.
Episode When to reopen classrooms? Debate continues among school staff, parents, lawmakers
Governor Gavin Newsom today signed a bill that sets aside nearly $7 billion for schools that reopen for in-person instruction by the end of March.
Episode Octet Stream Movie studios are anticipating a return to theaters
With vaccines rolling out and business reopenings on the horizon, heads of movie studios are making it clear they have not given up on theaters.
Episode ODS spreadsheet The Human Cost of America’s Addiction to Cheap Goods
Investigative journalist Amelia Pang joins Robert Scheer to discuss the story of a Chinese prisoner at the heart of her gripping new book, “Made in China.”
Episode text/texmacs No gas stoves or gas heat? Santa Barbara considers going all-electric in new construction
Santa Barbara is the latest city in California to consider phasing out fossil fuels by requiring new construction to be all-electric.
Episode D source code Viet Thanh Nguyen: “The Committed”
Viet Thang Nguyen discusses his new novel, “The Committed,” the follow-up to his Pulitzer-winning “The Sympathizer,” and the second entry in a planned trilogy.
Episode Manhattan Beach, Bruce’s Beach, and race
Two Black men, Gage Crismond and Brick Howze, were surfing near Manhattan Beach pier when a white man paddled to them and called them racial slurs.
Episode Lake Tahoe and Lake Elsinore: rare success stories in helping unhoused residents
Billions of dollars and good intentions have not been enough to solve California’s homelessness crisis. But some communities are faring better than others. Zocalo commentator Joe Mathews says that Lake Tahoe and Lake Elsinore are in that group.
Episode Texas blames blackouts on the Green New Deal, and Joe Biden says ‘America’s back’
Warren Olney talks about the blackout during the Texas deep freeze with meteorologist John Morales and USC energy expert Kelly Sanders. Andrew Bacevich of the Quincy Institute has a warning about President Biden’s boast that “America is back.”
Episode LA plans to redirect some police funds and launch universal basic income in certain areas
This week, the Los Angeles City Council voted to override a veto by Mayor Eric Garcetti and approve a new proposal for how millions of dollars taken from the LA Police Department will be spent to address homelessness, poverty, unemployment.
Episode application/x-troff-ms Could another campaign help Trump with some of his legal problems?
Josh Barro and Ken White talk about if another Trump campaign would be a useful shield against legal issues, and more.
Episode D source code Is California reopening too fast?
Seven counties across California, including San Francisco, moved into a less restrictive tier this week in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reopening plan.
Episode ECMAScript program Packaging for online orders: How to make it more sustainable?
Online sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and so have the mountains of packaging that protect those orders in transit.
Episode Radhika Jones: Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair’s editor-in-chief Radhika Jones on redefining glamour.
Episode With COVID numbers down, what’s next for LA?
The FDA issued emergency use authorization for Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine over the weekend, and the Biden administration says it could start arriving today.
Episode Tenants with months of back rent hope statewide relief will help
During the pandemic, many renters have stayed in their homes because of local and state eviction protections, but are still on the hook for back rent. Some landlords are financially struggling too.
Episode C source code Ethics of COVID vaccine shopping
Johnson & Johnson says it will ship out nearly 4 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine this week — after the FDA authorized it for emergency use on Saturday. It’s a single shot and doesn’t need to be stored in special freezers.
Episode ECMAScript program Unplanned pregnancies and contraceptives
Long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC’s) are under-used and often too expensive for many women – but this significantly restricts a woman’s contraceptive autonomy.
Episode Death with Dignity legislation offers compassion and control
Nine states, including California, have enacted Medical Aid in Dying legislation, allowing those who are terminally ill to end their lives peacefully by taking doctor-prescribed medication.
Episode A third vaccine
Josh Barro and LRC panelists David Dayen and Tim Carney discuss third covid vaccine that will be available in the US, Trump’s resurfacing at CPAC, minimum wage and fallout from Texas blackouts.
Episode When the Feds are the enemy
"The United States vs. Billie Holiday" chronicles the U.S. government's war on Billie Holiday in the late 1940s, when the Bureau of Narcotics saw in the peerless, heroin-addicted singer a chance to racialize its so-called war on drugs.
Episode Pasta shapes, tomatoes, turnips, boiling water
Host Evan Kleiman knows her pasta. This week on Good Food, she talks to Dan Pashman, who she has been advising on his quest to engineer a brand new pasta shape. Scott Daigre of Tomatomania!
Episode Filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung and producer Christina Oh on ‘Minari’
The new movie “Minari” is a personal story from filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung. It’s about a Korean American family struggling to run a small Arkansas farm in the 1980s.
Episode D source code Pandemic perk? Less influenza this season
The CDC says across the entire country, flu activity is minimal . In California , only a tiny percentage of tests have come back positive. Dr. Tara Vijayan of UCLA says the last time a patient of hers had the flu was February 2020.