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Episode chemical/x-molconn-Z In an age of loneliness, Treehouse offers community that’s carefully curated and designed
Americans are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness . A coliving project in Hollywood was designed to remedy it. Then came a pandemic.
Episode Law enforcement reform in LA and OC
Americans are calling for police reform nationwide. Locally, LA Police Department Captain Emada Tingirides is going to lead the new Community Safety Partnership Bureau.
Episode Miranda July: ‘Kajillionaire’
This week, Elvis Mitchell welcomes the multi-talented Miranda July to The Treatment to discuss her latest film ‘Kajillionaire,’ starring Debra Winger, Evan Rachel Wood, and Richard Jenkins.
Episode E-commerce, takeout, and the environment during the pandemic
Many physical stores are closed during the pandemic, and people are generally avoiding contact with others. That means more online shopping — and more packaging.
Episode LA tourism and hotels take serious hits from pandemic
The pandemic has had a crushing effect on the tourism industry in Southern California and worldwide.
Episode Pascal source code Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy and successor
Ruth Bader Ginsburg became a Supreme Court justice in 1993. She died on September 18 at age 87. She was a pioneer for gender equality, and championed voting rights, affirmative action, and other liberal causes in blistering dissents.
Episode Red County Blue County: Oil is still king in Kern, but renewables on the rise
California’s Central Valley is often called the “breadbasket” of the nation, but it’s also the country’s engine. Kern County is one of the most oil-rich counties in the U.S. and is the state’s top petroleum producer.
Episode ECMAScript program Inappropriate Hysterectomies
The inappropriate removal of an immigrant’s uterus is not that surprising in that it seems to be part of a much larger trend across America.
Episode ‘Mulan,’ ‘Tenet,’ and awards season
COVID-19 has buffeted the entertainment industry. The Business looks at major challenges, such as how to release big-budget pictures and how to manage the awards season.
Episode When Telluride Came To the Rose Bowl
After cancelling this year's Telluride Film Festival because of the pandemic, the festival set up shop for one night at a pop-up drive-in next to the Rose Bowl. Only one film was shown, but it was special, and beautiful--Chloé Zhao's "Nomadland."
Episode chemical/x-pdb Ancient seeds, babka, cheesecake, tortilla tournament
This week Good Food celebrates Rosh Hashanah. Dr. Sarah Sallon and her colleague have grown date palms using 2,000-year-old seeds excavated from Masada. Recent Los Angeles transplant Shimi Aaron breaks out of the mold to bake babka with new twists.
Episode One Billion Americans
Josh Barro speaks with Michael Brendan Dougherty, Jamelle Bouie, Matt Yglesias and Elizabeth Nolan Brown about how the US could be more populous and what would happen if it were.
Episode The presidential election is more than 6 weeks away. What do the polls say?
Early voting began today in Virginia, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Minnesota.
Episode Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel says ceremony will be a ‘beautiful disaster’
Emmy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel said he believes the Emmys will have their lowest ever ratings this year. Viewers will see a virtual ceremony this Sunday.
Episode D source code Growing calls for LA Sheriff Villanueva to resign are ‘unprecedented’
Relations between embattled LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and the Board of Supervisors have hit a new low. It’s a level of acrimony that longtime political observers say is unprecedented.
Episode Backpackers escape smoke and flames from the Creek Fire
All of California’s 18 national forests remain closed due to the many huge wildfires burning up and down the state. The U.S.
Episode How Today’s Uprisings Compare to the 1960s Rebellions
The movements of the sixties, which are captured in detail in Mike Davis and Jon Wiener’s new book Set the Night on Fire, are seen as wildly successful. Is it possible Black Lives Matter will be even more significant?
Episode text/texmacs Politicization of the CDC
Centers for Disease Control director Robert Redfield testified before Congress on Wednesday, imploring the public to wear masks. However, President Trump went out of his way to reject Redfield’s claims in a White House briefing later in the day.
Episode ECMAScript program Analyzing the race for LA’s next district attorney
As the November election approaches, analysts are looking at the race for LA’s next district attorney to help determine the future of criminal justice reform — both locally and nationally.
Episode Aracelis Girmay: “How to Carry Water: Selected Poems of Lucille Clifton”
“How to Carry Water: Selected Poems of Lucille Clifton,” edited by Aracelis Girmay, is a literary special treat.
Episode Troff document Joe Mathews: Are we supposed to visit grandma, or not?
From the pandemic to politics, heads are spinning in California amid a barrage of contradictory advice
Episode Haskell source code Unhealthy air and continued fire threats in Foothill communities
Officials predict the Bobcat Fire may smolder for another six weeks in the Angeles National Forest. It’s now burned well over 44,000 acres. Some residents evacuated, and hundreds more might need to leave at a moment’s notice.
Episode StarWriter document ‘A corrupt and politically motivated favor’
Josh Barro and Ken White talk about an angry brief from a former federal judge, and whether it’s cool to go on TV at all if you’re under indictment.
Episode Why Mt. Wilson matters, as the Bobcat Fire burns near the observatory
Flames from the Bobcat Fire have come within 500 feet of the Mount Wilson Observatory, which was once the world’s largest observatory. Billions of dollars worth of other important equipment, such as radio and TV transmitters, are nearby. Mt.
Episode How connected are Germans really 30 years after reunification
On Oct. 3, 1990, less than a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, East and West Germany were reunited. Late Chancellor Helmut Kohl called it a “dream come true” after more than 40 years of division.
Episode D source code Pandemic stress takes a toll on sleep and dental health
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought more stress and disruptions to regular routines. People are sleeping less well and grinding their teeth more. “People who've had insomnia prior to the coronavirus epidemic have seen their symptoms worsen.
Episode PS document How pen pals aim to 'Save the USPS'
Forget sourdough bread and rollerskating. Letter writing is one of the latest trends to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s not just a way to beat quarantine loneliness, it’s also a way to financially support the ailing USPS.
Episode C header Kevin Willmott: ‘The 24th’
This week, Elvis Mitchell sits down with Oscar-winning screenwriter Kevin Willmott to talk about his newest film, which he also directed, ‘The 24th.’
Episode Pascal source code Shooting of sheriff’s deputies in Compton becomes political
On Saturday night, two LA County sheriff’s deputies were shot at point-blank range while sitting in their car outside a Compton Metro station.
Episode C source code Weddings during COVID-19 pandemic
California has banned gatherings of non-household members. Engaged couples must decide whether to postpone their pre-pandemic plans indefinitely, or make all-new pandemic plans.