New Episodes

Episode El Sereno GreenGrocer honors the tradition of tienditas
Two El Sereno residents opened a market to give their neighbors access to affordable and healthy food, plus a sense of community.
Episode Laphonza Butler to replace Feinstein in Senate. How will she govern?
Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Laphonza Butler to complete Senator Dianne Feinstein's term in the Senate. Will she run for the full term?
Episode The art of quitting: Is there wisdom in walking away?
Author and former professional poker player Annie Duke explores why quitting should be viewed more favorably and shares some strategies on knowing when to walk away.
Episode Substance Abuse Part 1
What drives substance abuse is complex and treatment requires a dual approach
Episode Hua Hsu, Bethann Hardison, Frédéric Tcheng, and Kemp Powers on The Treat
Hua Hsu reflects on his novel “Stay True,” Bethann Hardison and Fédéric Tcheng of “Invisible Beauty” talk fashion activism, and Kemp Powers shares The Treat.
Episode application/onenote Gareth Edwards’ ‘The Creator’ zeroes in on AI tension as WGA leaders make a deal
Director Gareth Edwards talks about his new film, “The Creator,” releasing a film centered on AI now, the behind-the-scenes drama on “Rogue One,” and more.
Episode text/texmacs Religious diets, Indigenous baby food, native California ingredients
Food historian Christina Ward documents the practical and spiritual ways that religion shapes what we eat. From toilet to tap, John and Sommer Decker fight off the Arizona heat with beer brewed from treated wastewater.
Episode Introducing How’s Your Sex Life?
Are you disheartened by dating or running into sexual incompatibility in your otherwise thriving relationships? Too much connection… or not enough? KCRW and sexologist Myisha Battle wants to know, how’s your sex life?
Episode Weekend film reviews: ‘The Creator,’ ‘Saw X,’ ‘Fair Play’
The latest film releases include The Creator, Saw X, Fair Play, and Dumb Money. Weighing in are Christy Lemire, film critic for and co-host of the YouTube channel “Breakfast All Day, and Amy Nicholson, host of the podcast Unspooled and film reviewer for The New York Times.
Episode chemical/x-pdb Party of Reagan: Does it offer something different?
Reagan’s legacy loomed over this week’s GOP debate. But do candidates’ policies line up with his vision? Plus, Trump and Biden make their pitch to auto workers.
Episode Troff document Where Did It All Go Wrong for the Internet?
The Wild West days of the Internet, often lamented on this podcast, are over, conclude Scheer Intelligence host Robert Scheer and his guest, The Grayzone founder and editor Max Blumenthal.
Episode chemical/x-pdb ‘Cultural atlas’ preserves local history as LA rapidly transforms
A new, three-year collective history project from the nonprofit Clockshop is gathering stories and memories from rapidly changing communities along the LA River. The iconic Roxy Theatre turned 50 this month.
Episode Cozy up with a good book this fall. Here are recommendations
As the weather cools off, why not cozy up on the sofa with a good book? Recommendations include titles by Jesmyn Ward, Safiya Sinclair, Lisa Hamilton, and others.
Episode text/x-perl At LA Ukelele Festival, versatile instrument cultivates unity
Last weekend, about 1,000 people gathered at the LA International Ukulele Festival in Torrance to celebrate the little instrument with a big following.
Episode What’s inside WGA deal, when might SAG-AFTRA strike end?
The WGA is back at work today as the union ends its nearly five-month strike. Meanwhile, SAG-AFTRA’s strike could wrap up by Thanksgiving, according to one prediction.
Episode ECMAScript program There’s nothing cheesy about the Pizza Strike Fund
The Pizza Strike Fund is a grassroots effort to feed Hollywood writers and actors. Volunteers have delivered over 2,500 cheesy and meaty pies to picket lines since May.
Episode object code ‘Cassandro’ changed lucha libre for queer wrestlers
Exoticos, wrestlers who dressed in drag and served as comic relief in lucha libre, won over audiences thanks to Saul Armendariz (aka Cassandro). He’s the subject of a new biopic.
Episode chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-binary AMPTP reaches tentative deal with WGA. What about SAG?
The Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative agreement with the AMPTP after months of strikes. What does that mean for SAG-AFTRA?
Episode After months-long strike, how did WGA reach tentative deal with AMPTP?
The Writers Guild and AMPTP reached a tentative deal, which includes increased pay from streamers and protection from AI. How did the agreement come together?
Episode Vector Borne Disease and Climate Change
Climate change has created unique opportunities for insects to spread disease.
Episode image/x-jg Sean Penn on ‘Superpower’ and Ukraine, Zoë Chao talks art on The Treat
Sean Penn shares his path to directing the Volodymyr Zelensky documentary “Superpower.” Plus, Zoë Chao keeps it in the family on The Treat.
Episode Bus stop tacos, tortillas, Sukkot, quince
Memo Torres hops on Metro's 33 bus line to seek out tacos from Santa Monica to downtown. The field narrows for the 2023 Tortilla Tournament as Gustavo Arellano reveals the Eso Eight, who are still in the running for the Golden Tortilla.
Episode Big life decisions and uncertainty: a toolkit
Economist Russ Roberts discusses the challenges of using rationality when facing big life decisions. Entrepreneur Susannah Furr discusses navigating and thriving with uncertainty.
Episode Weekend film reviews: ‘Flora and Son,’ ‘Invisible Beauty’
The latest film releases include “Flora and Son,” “Invisible Beauty,” and “The Origin of Evil.” Plus, “Stop Making Sense” is re-released in 4K IMAX. Hear reviews from Alonso Duralde and Dave White, film critics and co-hosts of movie podcast Linoleum Knife.
Episode reStructured Text Rupert Murdoch steps down, hip-hop femmes shine in the Dream Hampton produced docuseries ‘Ladies First’
First, Rupert Murdoch has announced that he is stepping down as the head of both Fox Corp. and News Corp. What will this mean for the Murdoch family line of succession?
Episode John Kiriakou: Never Forget America’s Torture Legacy
Torture. It stands as one of the pillars of American exceptionalism. While it was a major part of the war on terror—one worth hundreds of millions of dollars—a selective amnesia allows it to slip through the pages of history. John Kiriakou suffered for attempting to solidify the record on a torture program that the U.S. has excused itself from countless times through Hollywood propaganda, innumerable redactions to official documents and silencing of dissidents.
Episode Amid UAW strike, what is Biden’s reputation with the labor movement?
The UAW strike provides another test for the president’s pro-union reputation. Plus, how will Congress respond to this week’s visit from Ukraine’s Zelensky?
Episode Jewish rehab center teaches baking skills to build community
Beit T’Shuvah, a Jewish rehab facility, teaches people how to bake challah as a form of community building. The experience has special meaning during the High Holy days.
Episode Average LA gas hits $6/gallon. What’s driving the rise?
LA drivers are paying $6/gallon for gas on average. That’s partly due to rising crude oil prices and California’s gas taxes.
Episode At LA museum, you can play on a synthesizer used by The Beatles
The Vintage Synthesizer Museum draws keyboard fans to Highland Park for classes, vibey sound baths, and a chance to play on its rare synth collection. A lucrative industry has formed around moving rent-controlled tenants out of their homes.