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For years, KalaLea experiences debilitating periods. It gets so bad that she has to stay in bed two days every month. And even when she’s not on her period, she’s exhausted and in pain.

We often define “normal” based on our friends and family. Lots of women have period problems. And so for a long time, KalaLea thought that this was just something that she needed to deal with.   

When she finally gets a diagnosis, she discovers that her experience is common for Black women like herself, but very far from normal.

KalaLea also believes her experience is connected to a generational kind of pain—the pain of being a Black woman in America. Distrustful of Western medicine, KalaLea embarks on a journey to heal herself.

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Host and Producer: Allison Behringer
Producer: KalaLea
Editorial Advisor: Kaitlin Prest + Sharon Mashihi
Original score and sound design: Dara Hirsch
Additional editorial support: Camila Kerwin