“What’s wrong with me?” Each episode of this documentary series begins as a medical mystery. But once you peel back the layers, more questions emerge.

From the brand new podcast Appearances, by Sharon Mashihi, we bring you “Episode 04: Last Ditch Effort.”

Nico is obsessed with counting calories. But this compulsion to monitor food doesn’t line up with how they see themself. Why does Nico want parts of their body to disappear?

Angelina was a journalist living in Brooklyn when she was diagnosed with ALS. She now lives with her parents.

Is your body more like a machine or a body of water? An excerpt from Here Be Monsters , a KCRW podcast about fear and the unknown.

Stacie escaped her abusive partner. But eight years later, her inner world was still in disarray. Why wasn’t she better? And why did it take her so long to leave?

ShiShi was in labor for 12 days. She gave birth, only to find herself at home in isolation during a pandemic.

Johnson & Johnson knew its baby powder contained asbestos but kept selling it and specifically marketed the product to Black women.

Why did it take doctors years to figure out that a medical device was the cause of Melynda’s debilitating pain? How did this dangerous vaginal mesh get implanted in millions of women?