“What’s wrong with me?” Each episode of this documentary series begins as a medical mystery. But once you peel back the layers, more questions emerge.

Johnson & Johnson knew its baby powder contained asbestos but kept selling it and specifically marketed the product to Black women.

Why did it take doctors years to figure out that a medical device was the cause of Melynda’s debilitating pain? How did this dangerous vaginal mesh get implanted in millions of women?

Orgasms are supposed to feel good. But for Angie, they’re painful and spontaneous. Anything can trigger the horny feelings: Bumpy bus rides, loud music, even a hug from her mom.

Season 2 of Bodies coming March 4, 2020.

Bodies is coming back! Season 2 will launch on March 4, 2020. Join Bodies Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.

In a lot of ways, menopause is like puberty. Your hormones are changing and setting off a whole host of bodily changes.

New parents have one job: keep the baby alive. But what happens when the baby won’t eat?

Host Allison Behringer plays the three finalists from the KCRW Radio Race “Bodies Award.” She takes us behind the scenes and explains why she chose these short stories.