Each episode of this documentary series begins with a medical mystery. Sometimes the sickness is in the body, and sometimes the sickness is in the system. Once you peel back the layers, more questions emerge. Created by Allison Behringer and supported by KCRW.

Awards & Accolades

Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition: 2020 Best Documentary, Bronze - "Not This Again"

Online New Journalism Awards: 2020 Excellence in Audio Digital Storytelling, Ongoing Series, WINNER - Season Two

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IndieWire: The 50 Best Podcast Episodes Of 2020 (So Far)

The New York Review: Listening To Women’s Bodies

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The Irish Times: Podcast of the week: Bodies – sex, pleasure and medical ignorance

What People Are Saying About Bodies

“I'm really into @bodiespodcast from @albtweetin and @kcrw. all four episodes so far have left me thinking for a long time -- and made me mad these kinds of honest, confounding stories about women's bodies are so rarely told.”

Anna Sale, host of WNYC’s Death, Sex & Money 

“This ["Sex Hurts"] episode of @albtweetin’s @bodiespodcast literally changed my life. When I heard it back in 2018, I finally realized I wasn’t fundamentally and irreparably broken.”

Byrd Pinkerton, producer/reporter, Vox’s Unexplainable

“I love assigning @Bodiespodcast to college students it makes me want to SING! So many beautiful production lessons in this first episode SEX HURTS and eye opening truths for humans coming into their sexual selves in this world. It never gets old.”

Erin Davis, host of The Deal podcast and audio storytelling professor at Middlebury

“The stories on this season of @bodiespodcast have been really hard to listen to, but they are so well reported and gracefully handled. @albtweetin is producing strong, un-flashy, healing narratives for your ears and hearts.”

Sara Brooke Curtis, independent radio producer 

“A brave, essential podcast. Episode one brought back many memories of my own pain not being believed, not being treated properly, or at all. And the true healers I've met along the way. Thank you @bodiespodcast”

Rekha Murthy, podcast strategist and editor 

“The first episode of @albtweetin's new podcast should be required listening for all women. We do NOT talk to each other enough about sex, pleasure, fertility, or the other million things that women have to experience on a daily basis and tackle alone.”

Maya Prohovnik, Head of Podcast Product, Spotify