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Season 3 of Bodies coming September 22, 2021.

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RIVER GALLO: I was taken in by something. Something swooped me.

ALLISON BEHRINGER: This season on Bodies, we bring you 6 new episodes. Stories that unearth the mysteries within

LILL: It was something that I just buried, uh, because the contradiction was too painful.

ALLISON: And stories that investigate the forces outside of us.

BERTHA MARTINEZ: When the miscarriages started, you know, happening a lot, it seemed more like a – it didn't seem like a coincidence anymore. 

AYDE BRAVOS: This soil has to be contaminated. Because you know, where I'm from, everything's contaminated.

ALLISON: What it means to face stigma,

BRUCE: They think if you're a druggie that, you know, you're just garbage. 

ALLISON: And reject ideas of normal.  

REBECCA COKLEY: Why would I want to be an average? I don't understand this desire to be like y'all.

RIVER: And maybe there was a fear in that– of like, not knowing how I would be different. 

ALLISON: Stories about how to give care,

LILL: You know, like your life is so precious, you know, your life was just in my hands. It's so precious.

ALLISON: And what happens when we come together.

EVA RAMIREZ: Cuando nos prenden la mecha a explotamos, explotamos y hacemos mucho ruido. [When they turn on the wick we explode, explode and make a lot of noise.] 

ALLISON: And, what it means to thrive.

KELLY: Oh my god, I'm gonna get laid, I think I think I'm gonna get laid.

ALLISON: Bodies, Season 3, from KCRW... coming this fall September 22. Subscribe now.

LILL: I’ll be emailing the mayor about your ass, believe that.


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Host and Producer: Allison Behringer 
Story Editors: Hannah Harris Green, Rebecca Mooney
Composer and Mix Engineer: Dara Hirsch