Do Less Harm

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Lill Art by Neka King.

Lill lives in Appalachian West Virginia — it’s coal country, and it’s also the overdose capital of the United States. An increasingly dangerous drug supply and a lack of safe supplies like clean syringes leave people who use drugs vulnerable to disease and death. Lill is trying to fill that gap, providing safe supplies and care all over West Virginia — even as the government tries to stop them.


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A porch in Lill’s town. Photo by Hannah Harris Green.

Bloodroot, a local medicinal herb in West Virginia, found in the woods near Lill’s house. Photo by Hannah Harris Green.

A strip mining or “mountaintop removal” sight near Lill’s home in West Virginia. Photo by Hannah Harris Green.

Fentanyl test strips in the “Harm Reduction Room” at Lill’s house. Photo by Hannah Harris Green.


Host and Producer: Hannah Harris Green
Story Editors: Mira Burt-Wintonick and Allison Behringer
Additional Editorial Support: Cassius Adair, Camila Kerwin, KalaLea
Production Support: Nisha Venkat
Composer/Sound Designer: Dara Hirsch
Mix engineer: Teeny Lieberson
Managing Producer: Rebecca Mooney