Other Than

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Jeromey is sixteen when the hair appears on her cheeks. She thinks she is transforming into a monster and gets taunted by kids at school. California Medicaid doesn't offer the specialized health care she needs. That feeling of otherness stays with her through adulthood and at 26 years old, she’s still a virgin.

Throughout her life, Jeromey struggles with low self esteem and becomes severely depressed. When you feel unattractive and different from everyone else, how can you find your sexuality? Where will you get your power? Through the horror genre and creating art, Jeromey finds her power through a unique sexuality.

This episode of Bodies questions conventional beauty standards and what it means to be a woman when your body is telling you otherwise.

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Host and Producer: Allison Behringer
Editorial Advisor: Sharon Mashihi
Original score and sound design: Dara Hirsch
Additional editorial support: Camila Kerwin