The Fourth Trimester

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Jess was overjoyed when she got pregnant. But after giving birth, her reality spiraled out of control. She didn’t know it, but she had postpartum psychosis, a mental health condition that occurs after about 1 in every 500 births.

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Support groups


  • The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline is a 24/7 lifeline with free confidential support for pregnant and new mothers in English and Spanish. It is now: 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262).
  • The Postpartum Support International Help Line is a toll-free telephone number anyone can call to get basic information, support, and resources. 1-800-944-4773 (4PPD). #1 En Español or #2 English. Text in English: 800-944-4773. Text en Español: 971-203-7773
  • The Perinatal Psychiatric Consult Line is a consultation line available for medical professionals who are prescribers and have questions about the mental health care related to pregnant and postpartum patients and preconception planning. This consultation service is available for medical providers only.
  • The number for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is 988.


Nonfiction Books on Postpartum Psychosis

  • Understanding Postpartum Psychosis: A Temporary Madness. Twomey, Teresa M., JD, with Shoshana Bennett. Praeger Publishers, 2009.
  • Advocating for Women with Postpartum Mental Illness: A Guide to Changing the Law and the National Climate, Feingold, Susan, PsyD and Lewis, Barry, JD. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020. 
  • Women's Moods: What Every Woman Must Know About Hormones, the Brain, and Emotional Health. Sichel, Deborah and Driscoll, Jeanne Watson. William Morrow, 1999.



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