The Bodies Award

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*This episode has explicit language*

Every year, KCRW’s
Independent Producer Project puts on a competition. It’s called the 24-Hour Radio Race and audio makers from around the world have one day to create a short nonfiction story from scratch. The theme this year was The New Normal and the winners were announced in September.

The Radio Race included a new category called the Bodies Award this year. In this special episode, Bodies host Allison Behringer chooses three finalists to air on the show. She also announces the winning piece.

Bodies stories typically take months to research, report, produce, edit and score. But these three pairs of producers created audio stories full of intimacy, surprise, humor and tension in just 24 hours.

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Host and Producer: Allison Behringer
Editorial Advisor: Kristen Lepore
Independent Producers: Melanie Wang and Virginia Marshall; Anne Pope and Keka Marzagão; Lucy McDonald and Daniel Higgott