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In the season one finale of Bodies, Allison looks back and asks: Why are intimate conversations about our bodies so hard and so rare?

The episode begins with Lisa Hartman, a 45-year-old mother who is dedicated to home schooling her four children. One night, Lisa faints, and after that, her world is never the same. In the weeks and months that follow, she experiences an array of symptoms that disrupt her life: insomnia, cold flashes, vertigo, and worst of all, panic and anxiety

As Lisa’s medical mystery unfolds, she realizes her symptoms are related to perimenopause and finds validation and support in online communities of women.

Lisa's story hits home for Allison, who realizes she's never asked her own mother what it was like to grow older. Worried that her mom went through something like Lisa, Allison travels to see her mom. Allison’s mom shares her story and they reflect on their evolving relationship.

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Host and Producer: Allison Behringer
Editorial Advisor: Sharon Mashihi
Original score and sound design: Dara Hirsch
Producer: Camila Kerwin