Episode 1

Sol and Mundo Lucero fly from New York to Mexico to attend their dad Arturo's funeral, just to learn there is a lot about him they didn't know.

Producer and director: Gisele Regatao
Playwrights: Mariana Careno King and Inda Craig-Galván
Mix and sound design: Sandra Lopez-Monsalve
Theme music and score: Mark Phillips and Ryan Seaton

Kate del Castillo: Narrator
Jose Antonio Melian: Arturo, Esteban, Uranus and Marty
Jacqueline Guillen: Sol, Saturn, Estrella, Corina and Big Eddie
Reza Salazar: Mundo, Mercury, Jupiter and Satan
Adriana Sananes: Linda, Luna, Mars, Margo-Helga and Mrs. A

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Celestial Blood has eight episodes. The next six will come once a week starting next Monday, May 8th.



Gisele Regatao