What questions do you have about the US-Mexico border?

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In March, President Trump is coming to California to check out prototypes of the border wall, something he promised to build during his campaign. While the wall has become a symbol of Trump’s crackdown on immigration, building it may be out of reach. The $20 billion project has yet to be approved by Congress.

UC Berkeley architecture professor Ronald Rael told KCRW that there’s more to life on the border than just security – there’s a history of cross cultural, and economic exchange.

“It was always very interesting to me that Donald Trump could come in front of very large audiences and announce that he was going to build a wall and audiences would cheer as if finally someone had arrived to build a wall — when 700 miles of wall are already in place,” said Rael. “And for me it would suggest that there is a fundamental ignorance of what is happening on the border.”

We want to hear your questions about life on the border, deportations or immigration policy in California.

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