Curious Coast

Whether you're a lifelong local or new to Southern California, there's always something new to discover.  So what do you want to know? Curious Coast answers your questions about the region, its culture and the people who live here. Submit yours:

Rain showers and thunderstorms used to bring relief for drought-stricken Santa Barbara.

When KCRW listener Chris Koenig drove past a couple of casinos less than 30 minutes outside of downtown L.A., she thought it was pretty weird.

For Craig Torres, keeping Tongva culture alive means educating today’s Angelenos, young and old, about the earth and treating it with respect and reverence as his ancestors did.

Many listeners have written into Curious Coast to ask about the origins of certain street names in Santa Barbara. One, in particular, is Canon Perdido.

The period during the late 1920s and the early 1930s was a golden era in Los Angeles for gay performers, entertainers in drag and the crowds of Angelenos - gay, straight, rich and poor…

A KCRW listener asks: Why did I get a ticket for turning right on red? We look at the law, and find out why UPS trucks avoid left turns altogether.

Can your employer fire you if you have THC in your system? We answer that and other pot-related questions.

LA's freeways were built to speed cars from the suburbs to downtown. But that vision meant moving people out of the way and significantly changing the city.

As the days grow shorter and we head toward the winter solstice, you may have enjoyed some epic sunsets full of pinks and oranges.

Every commuter has experienced the city's painful traffic. Is it getting worse? Does LA need to embrace a denser future?

On January 1st, Anthem Health Insurance will pull out of the individual insurance market in California, potentially leaving 17,000 people in Santa Barbara county without health care.

If you look down from the plane as you take off from LAX, you'll see a long swath of seemingly empty streets. A long time ago, this was an upscale, beachfront neighborhood.