9 Awesome Architecture-Inspired Halloween Costumes

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Awesome Architecture Costumes!

1931: New York Architects Dress as Buildings they Designed 

From left to right: A Stewart Walker as the Fuller Building, Leonard Schultze as the Waldorf-Astoria, Ely Jacques Kahn as the Squibb Building, William Van Alen as the Chrysler, Ralph Walker as 1 Wall Street, DE Ward as the Metropolitan Tower, and Joseph H. Freelander as the Museum of New York.

Courtesy of CurbedLA

empire state building king kong

King Kong and the Empire State Building

Storefront for Art and Architecture had an architecture-themed Halloween party in 2011, and this was one pair’s costume.

Courtesy of Inhabitat New York City



Storefront for Art and Architecture also had a party in 2012. This is Alejandra Navarette as a Starchitect.

Courtesy of Storefront for Art and Architecture