Architecture in Parasite; Movie villain homes

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The Parks’ housekeeper in their home. Photo: ⓒ 2019 CJ ENM CORPORATION, BARUNSON E&A ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The movie “Parasite” is favored for many Oscars, including production design. Director Bong Joon Ho talks about telling a story of class through architecture, saying he gets “pathologically excited and euphoric” when he finds a good space. Eui-Sung Yi, LA-based Korean-American architect, reflects on living in a semi-basement and why Korean-American designers love Bong’s movies.

And how is it that very bad movie villains have such great homes? Designer and author Chad Oppenheim talks about the highly alluring “lairs” of movie villains, from James Bond’s nemeses to Nathan Bateman and Dr. Strangelove.