Dancing Through the Corridors of Power: Collage Dance Theatre Performs in City Hall

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<!-- missing image http://newmedia.kcrw.com/dna/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Collage-Dance-Theatre-200x300.jpg -->One of the many institutions that make LA and endlessly interesting place to live is Collage Dance Theatre, the dance troupe helmed by Heidi Duckler that for 25 years has been performing in architectural and urban spaces (I’ve seen them perform in the Modern home of Stephen Ehrlich and Nancy Griffin, and at a gas station in the Valley.)

To mark their quarter century of existence, CDT will dance IN the rotunda of Los Angeles’ iconic City Hall (built in 1928). 

Entitled “Governing Bodies,” the concept behind the piece, says CDT, is to bring together, “contemporary dance with the world of politics and public affairs,” with a performance that will take place in the stunning Byzantine-style rotunda, and “continue through the hallways and the City Council Chambers, concluding at the Spring Street steps and Romanesque forecourt. Audiences will follow the dancers through the limestone corridors and marble columns during this contemporary performance, the first of its kind to be performed in City Hall.” Performances take place on Saturday, November 6 and 13. For tickets and more information, click here

For more on the architecture and emotional power of City Hall, listen to Council President Eric Garcetti on this DnA, catch Councilwoman Jan Perry talking about the performance on a YouTube video here, and hear Heidi Duckler on DnA discussing the performance in the Ehrlich-Griffin residence.