Daniel Libeskind at the ‘Edge of Order,’ Sunset Magazine, and Sound Baths

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Daniel Libeskind. Photo credit: Sandra Colbert

Why does an architect have to be like a “camel in the desert?” Daniel Libeskind explains why in a conversation about his new book “Edge of Order.” He also shares thoughts about maintaining hope following trauma, not working for dictators, and why everyone should tap into their inner architect. 

Modernism Week in Palm Springs continues through Sunday with tours, talks, and a trip down memory lane to the heyday of Sunset magazine. Victoria Bernal recalls a childhood as a member of the “Sunset family” and says why the West needs a magazine that shares wisdom on everything from home design for California’s geography to how to “fish with a tire iron.”

And, can you cure bad sound with good sound? Kate Mishkin takes a sound bath at 1 Hotel and finds that “this is the exact right time for sound baths, because we are living in a society that's increasingly anxious and loud and chaotic.”



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