Denise Scott Brown

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After joining forces in the 1960's, Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi became one of the most famous couples in architecture, who influenced a generation with their research-based book, Learning from Las Vegas.

Then, in 1991, Robert Venturi was awarded the Pritzker prize, the highest architectural award for a global architect. Denise Scott Brown was not included in the award.

This past March, two students from the Women in Design organization at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design decided to rectify what they saw as a deep injustice, and launched a petition making the case that Denise Scott Brown should receive co-credit. The petition garnered thousands of signatures.

This month, the present Pritzker jury announced it would not revisit the decision, writing, “A later jury cannot reopen or second guess the work of an earlier jury, and none has ever done so.” She discussed the challenges facing women architects with Guy Horton





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