Does Luxury Housing Trickle Down to Affordable Apartments?

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In Koreatown, activists are trying to stop a 27 storey tower on the site of 14 low-rise, affordable apartments. In Hollywood, some residents are trying to stop the towering Palladium Residences; others are trying to defeat eviction from old buildings whose owners want them rezoned as hotels and large towers.

And they are adding their support to the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, a ballot box effort for a two-year moratorium on new projects that don't comply with the city's general plan. But planners and developers say this moratorium will stymie efforts to create much-needed affordable housing.

We visit the people at the heart of a development fight that brings up charges of soft political corruption and competing visions over the future of LA.

Photo: Rendering of the Palladium Residences, a pair of towers that are planned for construction in Hollywood. (Crescent Heights)