Engineers and Elections, Woody Guthrie in LA

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If you've been following this presidential campaign you will know that Republican front-runner Donald Trump is really excited about his US-Mexico border wall. And he often invokes China's Great Wall. It turns out that China's top government officials are scientists or engineers. Is there a connection between innovation and the types of politicians we elect? Plus, American balladeer Woody Guthrie has been tied to both Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders in this campaign. A new book explores the singer's early years in Los Angeles, and how the city shaped his politics and songwriting. Hauser Wirth & Schimmel, a vast new art complex, opened this weekend in a converted old bank and flour mill in downtown LA's Arts District. Is the mega-gallery meant to sell art, or a global brand? And LA Fashion Week launches this week. We look at the connections between LA and Berlin fashion, and whether the concept of a fashion week is still relevant.

Photo: Woody Guthrie near a Shafter, California, labor camp in 1941 (Seema Weatherwax)