Farewell to a Bridge, Pershing Square, "Ghoulish" LED Lights

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The Sixth Street Bridge is a Los Angeles icon, and has been filmed in countless movies, TV shows and commercials. But it’s set to be torn down at the beginning of 2016 to make way for a new bridge, designed by Michael Maltzan. DnA joined thousands of others at a farewell festival to the old structure. Meanwhile, another part of downtown LA has long been a source of frustration. Pershing Square is a much-reviled park, and design teams are competing to overhaul the park. The novelist Lionel Shriver lives in Brooklyn part of the year, and says the new LED streetlights are "ghoulish." DnA spoke to her and lighting expert Scott Johnson about why the lights have gotten such a bad rap. And DnA explores the Art Deco-inspired set of the Hotel Cortez in this season of American Horror Story with the show’s production designer, Mark Worthington.

Photo: Backstage at the 6th Street Bridge Farewell Festival, Los Angeles, Saturday, October 24, 2015; (Clemente Ruiz)