Cadillac, an All-American Car in a Small Package?

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The LA Auto Show starts tomorrow and in addition to showcasing many new cars, also on display will be concept cars, ideas for future cars created by car designers who work large auto companies in discreet concept design studios in Los Angeles. One of these concept cars is by GM's Advanced Design Center in North Hollywood, and it is a reworking of the Cadillac, America's quintessential large, luxurious car, in a small package. Design Manager Niki Smart explains the thinking behind the Urban Luxury Concept and why it will "live or die" on its door, and New Roads High Schoolers Camilia Alavi, Daniel Bernstein, Jocelyne Bonilla-Mendoza, Abraham Bran, Elisabeth Chubb, Samaria Gomez, Sayda Sosa, and Zoe Tamblin offer their thoughts on what the Cadillac means today.



  • Niki Smart - Design Manager, General Motors Advanced Design