Tomorrow's Electricians, Nkandla-gate, Hitler at Home

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As part of our series "Modern Trades," DnA visited the Electrical Training Institute, in the city of Commerce. It's where 1,500 apprentices are trained every year to become the electricians for the sustainable age. But why didn't they hear about this track in high school?

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa, narrowly escaped an impeachment vote last week. But that hasn't stopped people criticizing the flamboyant home that stands as a symbol of his excesses.

Despina Stratigakos looks at the role of glossy magazines in shaping the image of a murderous dictator. She explains how Adolf Hitler flaunted his home interiors to win over the global public during his rise to power.

Photo: Hollie Enriquez, student at the Electrical Training Institute (Frances Anderton)