Film Reviews

Film Reviews

The Pulitzer Prize-winning critic of The Wall Street Journal, Joe Morgenstern reviews films weekly in the paper and on KCRW.

Every divorce story is a marriage story, but every movie about divorce is not on the level of Noah Baumbach's "Marriage Story."

Here's an all-points bulletin about Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman."

Words, words, words. "Synonyms," an Israeli  film  set in Paris, is all about them. For once, though, wordiness in a movie is a good thing, even a delightful thing.

Three years ago Robert Eggers made his dark mark with a remarkable debut feature called "The Witch."

Think about "Parasite" as a home-invasion story unlike any other.

If you’re feeling insufficiently anxious in your life, “Joker” could be just the ticket. If not, look elsewhere to be entertained.

Renée Zellwegger plays Judy Garland with heart-stopping brilliance in "Judy."

In the past few years there's been a very real invasion from Mexico--by remarkably gifted filmmakers.