Tien Nguyen: Jonathan Gold on Nha Trang

"San Gabriel noodle shops are a particular interest of mine, as you have probably determined — a subject I deem to be worth a lifetime of study,” wrote Jonathan Gold in his 2011 review of Nha Trang in San Gabriel. As an Asian-American writer, Tien Nguyen says she was delighted by Jonathan’s firm rebuttal to those who thought he spent too much time in the San Gabriel Valley. Nguyen also talks to Evan about Nha Trang, a tiny restaurant specializing in Central Vietnamese noodles such as bun bo hue and pho ga.

Nha Trang: 311 E. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel | (626) 572-7638

*This segment originally aired on Aug 31, 2018. KCRW is re-sharing it this weekend to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Jonathan Gold's passing.