4 Patriotic Desserts for the 4th of July

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Photo by Andreas Ivarsson via Flickr

Happy 4th of July from Good Food! Here are 4 desserts that make the most of red white and blue. Let us know what patriotic desserts you love in the comments.

1. Flag Cake 

This star-spangled cake will impress Yankee and gourmand alike.

2. Thomas Jefferson’s Ice Cream 

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson is partially responsible for popularizing ice cream in America? Here’s a recipe straight from one of our Founding Fathers.

3. Blue Ribbon Deep Dish Apple Pie

Is there anything more American than an Apple Pie? Probably. But somehow apple pie has become synonymous with all-American. Here’s a great one from Good Food’s Pie-a-Day.

4. Red White and Blueberry Pie

The author of this recipe Jane Fisher says this pie is so good, it’s great even when it isn’t Independence Day.

Patriotic Food Literature 

United States of Pie by Adrienne Kane

American Food Writing by Molly O’Neill