A Guide To Eating Hawaiian in Vegas

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The Good Food team visited Las Vegas to report on the culinary delights that can be found on and off the strip.
One of the best things we found off the strip was an abundance of Hawaiian food. Vegas is commonly referred to as Hawaii’s 9th island, because of the large Hawaiian population there. E.C. Gladstone of Bon Appetit Magazine told us about some of what he considers the best places for Hawaiian food in Sin City:

Island Flavor is still the best traditional Hawaiian I’ve had in Vegas (and Yelp backs me up): Lau lau special on fridays, amazing fried rice and chicken furikake.

Island Flavor

8090 S Durango Dr.

Las Vegas

(702) 876-2024

Poke Express (inside Island Sushi on South Eastern) and Hawaiian Style Poke on Wynn Road off Spring Mountain both serve many varieties of raw fish pokes in a deli-style set up. Hard to choose between the two, it’s more a matter of which is more convenient.

Braddah’s Island Style isn’t really straight Hawaiian,it’s more of a burrito/bowl concept (think Chipotle) using those flavors–but it’s really good. Kailua pig and hulu hulu chicken are fantastic for the price.Braddah’s Island Style

Braddah’s Island Style

8090 S Durango Dr

Las Vegas

(702) 876-2024

Island Style is the Korean/Hawaiian fusion cafe. Very unfancy. Meat Jun, Katsu, Bibimbap.

Island Style
3909 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas
(702) 871-1911

And yes, Lappert’s Ice Cream at the Hotel Cal is broke da mout!